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Register to volunteer at the State Fair
Volunteers are needed each year at the CHS Miracle of Birth Center (MOBC) and Surgery Suite. The MOBC and Surgery Suite welcome both small and large animal veterinarians as volunteers. The MVMA has large animal veterinarians on hand at all times to handle animal births. DVM Volunteers are provided extra tickets for guests and a parking pass. Sign up today and start planning your day at the State Fair! 



Surgery Suite

Volunteers are needed to answer questions and help in the birthing process. Many of your clients visit this exhibit, and they would be excited to see "their" veterinarian at work. This is also an excellent opportunity for large animal veterinarians to interact with students and the public, and recruit them into the large animal field. Surgeon, technician, moderator, and student volunteers are all needed. This is a great chance to give back to your profession and give the public an up-close view at the work you do while educating them about the importance of spaying and neutering their pets.
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