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Client Education Brochures

Do your clients know the importance of prevention and early diagnosis of animal diseases? MVMA provides Client Education Brochures as helpful tools to educate your clients.

 MVMA Provides Four Client Education Brochures 

Facts You Should Know
About Rabies!

Why Spay and Neuter? 
The Answer is Clear


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Radiology Quality Assurance Manual 

Now available online from the Minnesota Department of Health. 

 MVMF Cost of Compassion Brochure

Brought to you by the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association and the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Foundation helping secure the future of the veterinary medical profession in Minnesota by funding scholarships, animal health, public and professional education as well as projects and organizations that promote the health and well being of animals in Minnesota.


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 Preconditioning Ear Tags & Certificates

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Prescription Drug Food Animal Flow Chart
No Lilies for Kitties Flyer/Postcard while supplies last*

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