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This webinar series is designed to bring you the latest veterinary information in a timely manner in partnership with those who are in the trenches! Each webinar is worth 1 CE credit.

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Wednesday, November 20 from TBD (will be in the evening)

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What Does Licensure of Veterinary Technicians Mean for Me?
With licensure of veterinary technicians starting in July 2026, are you wondering what this will mean for you and members of your team? Attend the webinar to gain some introductory insight regarding the transition from certification to licensure. We will also provide information for those interested in the legacy (or grandfather) clause, projected costs, and continuing education requirements. The presenters are members of a taskforce working with the Board of Veterinary Medicine and will share early updates from our meetings. The information presented will be precursory items and NOT be the final decisions, since the rule-making process is expected to take at least 12 - 18 months.


Speakers: Allen Balay, DVM and Kim Horne, AAS, CVT, VTS (Dermatology)


Additional Moderators: Ann Brownlee, DVM and Sam Geiling, CVT will be answering submitted questions in real time 


This webinar will be open to all DVMs (members and non-members). Veterinary assistants, veterinary technicians and certified veterinary technicians will have a separate webinar. 


Registration to open soon!