Latest MVMA News and Stories 

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Member Spotlights

Check out our latest newsletter which includes a number of member spotlights. We caught up with the Homey Gnome Veterinary Clinic for a full-page feature. While the clinic name may catch your attention first, a deeper look through the doors of the Homey Gnome Veterinary Clinic shows there is more that makes them a standout environment for staff, clients and the pets they care for. Read the full story here.


We also caught up with a few of the founding members of the Miracle of Birth Center. The MOBC is getting back to the tradition of live births at the 2022 Minnesota State Fair. While the most popular FREE exhibit at the state fair has provided education and miracles since 2001, perhaps the biggest miracle of all was how it started in the first place. Read the story here.

We are Moving Again

MOVE (Minnesota Opportunities for Veterinarian Engagement) put on the Great British Bag-Off in May. Not only was it fun being back in person for an evening of cocktails, conversation and cornhole but we also provided access to a mental health professional and financial experts. We know many in this profession may be feeling in the hole or dealing with bags under their eyes and wanted to provide a night out and access to help.

Introducing NEW Mental Health and Wellness Benefit 

 We are excited to introduce a new MVMA benefit that will focus on mental health and wellbeing in partnership with Restorative Path Counseling and Wellbeing. ANY team member, working at a practice where an MVMA member is employed will be able to take advantage of this benefit.

 MVMA members and their team will have access to…

• Individual therapeutic consultation
• Access to 5 additional sessions covered by MVMA to allow time to gain additional skills, tools or coping strategies to manage situations regardless of insurance or financial barriers
• Ability to reach Restorative Path Counseling and Wellbeing on short notice for crisis debriefing and emotionally charged/sensitive situations

Visit or reach out to [email protected] to learn more.


Recent Media Coverage

For 50 years, past MVMA President and 2016 Veterinarian of the Year Dr. John Baillie has been treating animals, reptiles and birds in the Twin Cities.

“Basically, if it will fit through the front door, we’ll work on it.”

The Pioneer Press spotlighted Dr. Baillie, who is still very active on a number of MVMA committees, in a fulllength feature:  

Despite tireless advocacy, our profession has been forgotten when it comes to the Minnesota “hero pay” program. You can read a letter to the Pioneer Press from MVMA President Dr. Nancy Peterson expressing why the veterinary profession should not be left out.