2022 Award Nominations

Are you interested in nominating a veterinary professional or animal for one of our prestigious MVMA Awards?  

Nominations are now being accepted for Veterinarian of the Year, Outstanding Faculty, Outstanding Industry Representative, Distinguished Veterinary Service, Emerging Leader, and the President's Award. Animal awards are being accepted for Hero, Companion, and Professional. Please note, all nominations are due by December 1, 2022. Veterinary profession awards will be presented on Friday, February 3 at the MVMA Business and the Animal Hall of Fame Awards on Saturday, February 4 meeting during the 2023 MVMA Annual Meeting.
Veterinarian of the Year
Members who have given much to the veterinary profession as well as to their community, they are well-rounded and are outstanding in the profession. Award selection is made, by secret ballot, by the Board of Directors at the December board meeting. Only the staff and award presenters know who will receive the award at the annual business meeting.
Veterinarian of the year nomination form
Outstanding Faculty
Nominees must be a faculty member of the University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine (UMN, VMC) and all its related departments; who provide outstanding service to Minnesota veterinarians; who give of their time and talent to the veterinary profession, a leader who makes a difference to the profession; and a dedicated contributor to organized veterinary medicine.
Outstanding faculty nomination form
Outstanding Industry Representative

In recognition an individual (does not need to be a veterinarian) who has exhibited outstanding service to veterinarians and/or the MVMA. This individual should consistently provide exceptional service to Minnesota veterinarians and promote the profession through liaisons with the MVMA, veterinarians, and the profession in general. 

Outstanding Industry representative nomination form

Distinguished Veterinary Service
Nominees for this award are members or non-member veterinarians or non-veterinarians who have performed outstanding service to the veterinary profession and have contributed to the well-being of animals.

Distinguised veterinary service nomination form

Emerging Leader
This award is given to MVMA members who have graduated from veterinary school within the past 10 years and has demonstrated achievement and leadership through veterinary community involvement, and actively engaged with others in the profession.

emerging leader nomination form

President's Award
The current president can choose an organization or individual he/she feels has contributed significantly to the veterinary profession, MVMA, and/or for promoting the human animal bond, animal health & welfare or public health.

Animal Hall of Fame-Open to all! Can be nominated by any member of the veterinary profession or public. 

To celebrate the enduring link between animals and people, the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association honors domestic animals who exemplify the strength and value of the human-animal bond. It is a great opportunity to promote public awareness of the contributions domestic animals give. Don't miss this chance to honor a special animal.

The Awards Recognition will: Honor outstanding contributions that animal companions make to enrich human lives and heighten public awareness of the human-animal bond. 

Winners may have the opportunity to be publicized in newspaper articles, veterinary publications, or on television programs.

Categories – One inductee will be selected for each category: 

  •  HERO - Animals who have saved or preserved human life.
  •  COMPANION - Animals who have provided a benefit to their human companions or their community.
  •  PROFESSIONAL - Animals especially trained to assist humans.

 An animal can be nominated for multiple categories when appropriate.

animal hall of fame nomination form