2007 Veterinary Awards

Veterinarian of the Year – Dr. Carl Osborne

 The Veterinarian of the Year award is given to a member who has given much to the veterinary profession as well as to their community – a well-rounded member who is outstanding in the veterinary profession.

This year Dr. Carl Osborne was selected to receive this award.  Dr. Osborne currently serves as professor of Veterinary Clinical Sciences Department at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine.  As a veterinarian and academician, Dr. Osborne has become an international authority on comparative disorders of the urinary system.  His work has resulted in a paradigm shift in the way thousands of veterinarians around the world practice medicine, and have improved the quality and duration of life of hundreds of thousands of animals.

As an educator, Dr. Osborne has been preeminent in incorporating use of the problem oriented medical system (POMR) and Socratic dialogue in teaching clinical veterinary medicine.  His passion for the profession and in teaching the next generation of veterinarians are evident each time he gets up to speak.

Congratulations Dr. Osborne as the MVMA Veterinarian of the Year

Outstanding Faculty Award – Dr. Patrick Redig


The Outstanding Faculty Award is given to a University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine faculty member who has provided outstanding service to Minnesota veterinarians; who give of their time and talent to the veterinary profession, and are dedicated contributors to organized veterinary medicine.

Dr. Redig is co-founder and director of the The Raptor Center and a professor at the College of Veterinary Medicine where he teaches course in avian physiology, medicine, and surgery.  Recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts on raptor medicine and surgery, Dr. Redig has traveled around the world to treat rare eagles and falcons.  He has also written extensively about avian medicine and surgery, as well as raptor conservation and reintroduction.

Congratulations Dr. Redig as the Outstanding Faculty Award Recipient

Outstanding Industry Representative Award – Steve McGinness

 The Outstanding Industry Representative Award is given to an individual who has consistently exhibited service to veterinarians or the MVMA, and have promoted the profession through liaisons with the  MVMA, veterinarians, and the profession in general.

Steve McGinness was raised on a dairy farm in Kansas and received his Agriculture degree from Kansas State University.  Following brief stints with Cargill and Pfizer, Steve is now a senior sales executive with Elanco Animal Health.  In addition to his work at Elanco, he manages to stay active in the Professional Dairy Heifer Growers Association as an executive board member.

In addition, Steve has been very active and supportive of student and faculty events at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine.

Congratulations Steve McGinness as the Outstanding Industry Representative Award Recipient!

 Veterinary Service Award – Pat Libby and Phyllis Lambert

 The Veterinary Service Award is given to individuals who have promoted the veterinary profession and the well-being of animals, yet not required to be veterinarians.

Pat and Phyllis have both contributed greatly to the profession as individuals and spouses of veterinarians, both serving on the MVMA’s Auxiliary Committee and more recently as board members of the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Foundation.  Their tireless efforts in assisting the foundation in its fundraising efforts have helped the foundation grow and maintain its commitment to provide important scholarships and grants to individuals and other worthy endeavors.

Congratulations Pat Libby and Phyllis Lambert as the Veterinary Service Award Recipients

Distinguished Service Award – Dr. Joni Scheftel

 The Distinguished Service Award is given to a member who has given special service to the profession of veterinary medicine, improving the profession as a result of their service.

This year the award was presented to Dr. Joni Scheftel.  She has served the profession as the Minnesota State Public Health Veterinarian.  She has served as a valuable resource for veterinarians, public health practitioners, and health care providers, as well as being a prominent state spokesperson on zoonotic disease, animal bite issues, and rabies exposure situations.  Dr. Scheftel also serves on several committees and the board for the MVMA and is the MVMA’s delegate to the AVMA.

Over the past several years, Dr. Scheftel has published several peer-review articles on issues such as circumstances of bat encounters and outbreaks of enteric pathogens in children.  She has also been a mentor and teacher to veterinary students.

Congratulations Dr. Scheftel as the Distinguished Service Award Recipient

 President’s Award – Lisa Berg

 The current MVMA president can choose an individual that he feels has contributed significantly to the veterinary profession, MVMA, and for promoting the human-animal bond, animal health and welfare or public health.

Lisa Berg has served as librarian at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine since 1970.  Whether you are a student or faculty member at the college, you have likely crossed paths with Lisa in her commitment to provide the best possible service as the college’s librarian.  She provides freshman class veterinary tours of the library; she has provided “custom-made” instruction about the veterinary medical library, and has assisted in several notable research projects.

Congratulations Lisa Berg in receiving the President’s Award