Legislative Clinic Visits

The Lockridge Grindal staff invites MVMA members to consider hosting a state legislator at their veterinary clinic or hospital. The lobbyist will take care of all of the arrangements once the date is arranged with the MVMA member for the legislative visit. These visits provide legislators the opportunity to visit veterinarians and better understand the important work that veterinarians do as a local business in the community and the valuable care they provide to animals. Often legislators will contact their local veterinarian constituents when they are faced with legislation involving animals and animal care issues because they view veterinarians as experts concerning these issues. It is also important for veterinarian members to stay in touch with their legislators following a clinic visit to let them know that they are interested in legislative matters and want to continue to be a resource for the legislator. The MVMA holds a "Day at the Capitol" each year which provides another opportunity for veterinarians to stay in touch or to get to know their legislators.

Please contact the MVMA at 651-645-7533 or dant@mvma.org. If you are interested in arranging a clinic visit. 

MVMA Lobbyists

 Registered MVMA Lobbyists consist of volunteer and staff lobbyists, as well as paid, professional lobbyists. You may contact our volunteer/staff lobbyists with any legislative concerns.


 Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association Staff

Tom Hagerty




651-645-7533(office) / 612-834-4022 (direct)


  Lockridge, Grindal & Nauen, P.L.L.P.

Cullen Sheehan




612-339-6900 (office) / 651-270-8235 (direct)


 Capitol Hill Associates

  Cory Bennett


612-269-4320 (office)