Legislative Agenda

MVMA Public Policy Advocacy

2017 Legislative Priorities

  1. Support the University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine and its funding requests at the legislature.
  2. Support the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (VDL) and its funding requests at the Legislature.
  3. Support state funding for the Minnesota veterinary student loan forgiveness program.
  4. Support the budget requests of the Board of Animal Health and of the Board of Veterinary Medicine at the Legislature, and support both boards’ independent status
  5. Support the position statement of the MVMA on pharmaceutical compounding.  Continue to monitor pharmaceutical costs to veterinarians and work with the state pharmacy board as needed in addressing pharmacy access issues and other concerns.
  6. Actively monitor the new criminal background checks law for veterinarians.  

MVMA Public Policy Principles

  1. Continually review, protect, and update the Veterinary Practice Act in order to ensure it is purposeful and functional for the industry.
  2. Oppose any new sales taxes on veterinary services or products.
  3. Actively monitor legislative activity pertaining to scope of practice issues.
  4. Support legislation that provides financial support for research, education, and outreach initiatives surrounding animal health.
  5. Advance MVMA and MAVT joint efforts to allow Veterinary Technicians to be included in the Veterinary Practice Act.
  6. Support further discussions with individuals or entities with regard to spay/neuter programs in Minnesota.
  7. Support Minnesota Animal Agriculture.
  8. Oppose relaxation of MN Department of Ag regulations of raw milk.
  9. Monitor the declawing issue and continue to be engaged with this issue