Minnesota Dog Bite Prevention Program

Every year, almost 5 million people are bitten by dogs in the United States, and most of those victims are children. The good news is that most dog bites can be prevented if people, especially children, learn how to be safe around dogs. The Minnesota Dog Bite Prevention Program was designed by the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association in cooperation with the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine. The program is taught by veterinarians, or certified veterinary technicians who come to your child's school or youth group. 917 veterinarians and technicians have been trained  in Dog bite prevention through the MVMA program. Children will learn how to:

  • Safely approach and pet a dog
  • What is "safe" and "unsafe" around a dog
  • Basic dog body language (for older children)
  • How to STAND LIKE A TREE or LIE LIKE A LOG if a strange dog runs up to you

 To get the names of local certified Dog Bite Prevention program veterinarians or certified veterinary technicians to contact and schedule one to come to your school or youth group. Please email or call Melissa at the MVMA office. (651) 645-7533 or [email protected]

Upcoming Dog Bite Prevention Training:

None scheduled at this time. 

All Veterinarians and Certified Veterinary Technicians are invited to attend these FREE training sessions to become a Certified Dog Bite Prevention Program Instructor. Attendees receive 1 CE credit. Please call the MVMA office at (651) 645-7533 to register.

Attention Dog Bite Prevention Trainees:   After you have attended the Dog Bite Prevention Training - to reserve the Dog Bite Prevention Poster or to receive Dog Bite Prevention Instruction materials online, please email Melissa at [email protected] or call (651) 645-7533.