2014 Veterinary Awards


The Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association presented the MVMA Awards at the Business Meeting on February 6, 2015 at the Hilton Hotel Minneapolis, MN. The awards were given to individuals in the various MVMA award categories.

 Veterinarian of the Year – Dr. Mike McMenomy

This award is given to a MVMA member who has given much to the veterinary profession as well as to their community - a well rounded member who is outstanding in the profession.


Dr. Mike McMenomy is a connector in the veterinary community.  Not only does Dr. McMenomy serve on multiple boards and committees, he genuinely loves all of the veterinarians in Minnesota.  His mission is to encourage other veterinarians, particularly our younger colleagues, to get involved with organized veterinary medicine.  He also encourages vets to meet and become friends with each other.  Dr. McMenomy is a role model of selflessness and service and we would be lucky to have him represent the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association as our Veterinarian of the Year.   Some of the many boards and committees he has served include the MVMA (past president), MVM Foundation, Small Animal Welfare Committee, Council of Sr. Veterinarians, GAC,  and with the College of Veterinary Medicine’s Mentorship program. He is believed to have the oldest feline only veterinary practice in the nation. It is for his accomplishments and dedication to veterinary medicine and service to others that we would like to honor Dr. Mike McMenomy as the MVMA’s 2014 Veterinarian of the Year. It is for his accomplishments and dedication to veterinary medicine and service to others that we would like to honor Dr. Mike McMenomy as the MVMA’s 2014 Veterinarian of the Year.

Congratulations Dr. Mike McMenomy as the MVMA Veterinarian of the Year!

Outstanding Faculty Award – Dr. Arno Wuenschmann

This award is given to a faculty member of the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine and all its related departments; who provide outstanding service to Minnesota veterinarians; who give of their time and talent to the veterinary profession; a leader who makes a difference to the profession; a dedicated contributor to organized veterinary medicine.

 Dr. Arno Wunschmann has been a faculty member since 2000.  He is a skilled veterinary anatomic pathologist and is certified by the ACVP.  During his tenure at the college he has made important contributions to teaching, research and service at the university.  Through each of these missions his contributions will multiply as they impact veterinarians in practice, innovation in diagnostic medicine and the next generation of veterinarians.  Among his accomplishments he has helped eradicate TB from Minnesota wildlife, and helped discover new methods to detect West Nile virus.  His scholarly writings are extensive on a variety of wildlife diseases including work on the decline of the MN moose population.

Congratulations Dr. Arno Wuenschmann as the Outstanding Faculty Award Recipient! 

Outstanding Industry Representative Award – Karl Omdahl

This award is given to recognize an individual who has exhibited outstanding service to veterinarians and/or the MVMA.This individual should consistently provide exceptional service to Minnesota veterinarians and promote the profession through liaisons with the MVMA, veterinarians, and the profession in general. The recipient of this award does not need to be a veterinarian.

Karl Omdahl entered the veterinary industry in 2002 and spent 4 years at Heska in the field.  He joined Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Incorporated in a sales capacity shortly after BIVI launched a small animal sales team.  Karl quickly moved into a management position with BI.  He has been a Regional Sales Manager handling a large portion of the upper Midwest for 8 years.  As Boehringer Ingelheim continued to grow, Karl filled the interim National Sales Manager position.  Karl has been recognized for many honors including Heska Top Performer, Heska President’s Club 2004, BIVI Presidents Club, Lead and Learn award and has consistently ranked amongst the top Regional Managers during his tenure at BI.  Karl received special training and recognition for his solid leadership through Center for Creative Leadership and advanced BIVI Leadership Development Program.

Congratulations Karl Omdahl as the outstanding Industry Representative Award Recipient!

 Veterinary Service Award – Paul Maravelas

This award is given to individuals who have promoted the veterinary profession and/or the well-being of animals. The recipient is not required to be active in organized veterinary medicine nor does he or she need to be a veterinarian.

 Paul Maravelas has been an employee of the Minnesota Veterinary Historical Museum serving as our curator on a part time weekly basis the past four years.  He is a professional with museology training who has assisted our volunteer veterinary curators in the operation and management of our museum. He has significantly advanced our museum mission of the collection and display of artifacts, pictures and antique books and the recording and display of the profession of veterinary medicine in Minnesota and the careers and biographies of Minnesota veterinarians.

Congratulations Paul Maravelas as the Veterinary Service Award Recipient!

Distinguished Service Award – Dr. Marie Culhane

This award is given to MVMA members who have given special service to the profession of veterinary medicine, and improving the profession as a result of that service. 

Dr. Culhane is nominated in recognition for her work at veterinary diagnostic lab and in educating Minnesota veterinarians on influenza, support of state and federal influenza programs and assisting with investigations, assisting with MN state fair influenza activities, and generally provides internationally recognized expertise on influenza to the veterinary practice and research community.  She is currently associate clinical professor at the University of Minnesota VDL.

Congratulations Dr. Marie Culhane as Distinguished Service Award Recipient!

MVMA Staff Recognition Award - Kelly Andrews

For your 25 years of Outstanding and Dedicated Service to the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association and the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Foundation.

 Kelly Andrews received recognition for her 25 years of service at the MVMA. During her time at the MVMA Kelly has seen a lot of changes including working with a number of different office staff, tackling a variety of positions and tasks at the MVMA, as well as experiencing twenty five different conventions and association leaders.  During this time Kelly has maintained a consistent commitment to providing quality and caring member service accompanied with a smiling and positive attitude. 

Congratulations Kelly Andrews as MVMA Staff Recognition Award Recipient!

President’s Award – Dan Tjornehoj

The MVMA President’s Award recognizes those who have contributed significantly to the veterinary profession, the MVMA, and that have promoted the human animal bond, animal health and welfare or public health. 

Dan Tjornehoj has been with the MVMA for nearly nine years and he has successfully worked with his staff, members and leadership in strengthening the organization’s position at the legislature, enhanced member benefits, improved the organization’s financial position, and he has helped align the organization to a dynamic strategic plan and mission. 

Congratulations Dan Tjornehoj President’s Award Recipient!